My Espresso


Loving a Marine far away is hard, no matter what any person says. Extended distance in itself is easier said than done. But what enlarges it even more is the military way of life, the fact that our men are Marines. Being an addition of the Marines, we are very much involved as well. We lead extensions of our Devil Dog’s lives. We learn about the Marine Corps. We read about it, speak of it, and maybe even dream about it. We know what all of the acronyms mean, and we don’t even have to think two times when confronted with military time. We find ourselves with an over abundance of swelling with pride every time we hear the National Anthem or the Star Spangled Banner. Every time we see another man in uniform, our hearts yearn for our own Marine, and our prayers extend to whoever loves that man from far away. Each of you know precisely what I mean as I sit here, writing this to you. I am writing it for you but also for me. For all of you who wake up in the morning as I do, and take a moment to lay there for a few seconds, trying to ingest the unwell feeling in the pit of your stomach as you wonder where your Marine is, or how he’s doing/this is for you. For all of you who start that countdown clock the minute he leaves, and continue to until he is back in your arms and home again…this is for you but it is also for me; because my countdown clock has started for me.

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